Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back in action?....

L-I-F-E. Sometimes you spend pondering its meaning and purposes...other times you are simply living with no care in mind on ending purposes. Lately, I have been really pondering "purpose." As our pastor exhorted us today, our one and only purpose is for the glory of God. Catching the grasp of an eternal perspective even in the seemingly meaningless task of life is hard, and yet, it is essential. If, for a moment, we think that something is meaningless and complain about our task at hand, then we fall to sin. We lose sight of the truth that there is a bigger picture. Remember, we are but a vapor, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

perceptions. when i am overwhelmed by the monotony of daily life, i need to be alone. sometimes i sense that i am the only one that has these thoughts, and other times i think that everyone is much the same. which ever way that life is viewed remains simply that--viewed...perceived...observed....sensed....understood...imagined. is it true to say "life is in the eye of the beholder?" if yes, then what is the source for a person's beholding? is it their own heart and mind that is utterly sinful and rebellious to our Maker? OR is it a renewed heart and mind in line according to our Maker's law by God's grace alone?

so...i sit back, reflect, and re-examine why i feel i need to be alone. is this a truth OR simply a perception?

Friday, March 16, 2007

I have thoughts constantly rumbling around in my head, but when it comes to jotting them down in the form of a blog post, I am at a loss of how they fit into words. So here are some of the topics at hand inside my head (let it be for anyone to make comments or to think within their own mind about):

*perceptions-the evolution of
*presuppositions-the ubiquity in a person's logic
*temptations-weakness vs. sinfulness
*eccentricities- in people
*marriage- the realities of, what the Bible says of, the roles within

Friday, February 09, 2007

(note: I have been away from posting blogs since November, but at the same time, I have been devouring up and chewing on other people's posts about life and and its meaning.)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Memory. What would we do without it?

I have been thinking lately about the great attribute that the Lord has given us of 'memory.' Our memories are what connects us to just about everything that we do. Whether it be going to work or simply putting on our shoes, our memories are what allows us to bring to mind how to do the things that we do on a day to day basis. Some people lose their memories and cannot do the things that we take for granted (two examples remain as I previously mentioned). Memory is a great grace from God, and we should give Him credit for that.

We also must be aware of the things that are in our memories that need to be moderated by discipline. Think about forgiveness. claims that the meaning of forgiveness is 'to give up all claim on account of.' So the act of forgiveness is keeping one's memory in control by not allowing the old memories to be valid anymore. One must create new memories on a blank slate.

Any other thoughts on 'memory'?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Harry Potter. Yes. I started reading the series this past week and now must finish the series because it is so stinkin' interesting.

Yes. I have gotten a lot of 'counsel' in deciding whether or not I should read them. From my pastor's mother (70+) to the oldest boy that I nanny (9 yrs. old), I have not heard a single person who has read the series tell me that I shouldn't read it.

Today, as I sat reflecting on the characters, I truly thought that I had seen the first movie (but had to remind myself that I had not). J.K. Rowling does a wonderful job depicting the story. The reader is truly able to visualize the story as if he or she is there.

So would I tell someone else to read it? Yes. if he or she likes to read a good STORY. And that is what one must remember--that it is a story (not only with these books but with any book that is fiction). And even non-fiction books, one must read with discenment. The only book to find true non-fiction is in the Word of God!

Friday, October 13, 2006

As I left 'work' today, all I could think on was how great the need is for spanking children. "Timeout" leaves a child wallowing in their sin, thinking how mad they are at their parents, and searching for an alternative route to get what they want. The problem is not attended to. The parent is not dealing with the problem.

Spanking (when done biblically and wisely) allows the child to have no question in their mind that their behavior was wrong.

There are definitely other factors that need to be accounted for on this subject. The context of the spanking is crucial as well: Should it be done in love? Should it be done with self-control? Does an unbeliever possess love and self-control?

These are all things that have begun to roll around in my mind, and witnessing a household that is run without the use of spanking confirms the verse, 'Spare the rod; spoil the child.' On the flip side, living in a household that uses spanking biblically (Gerlt family) confirms (in my mind and to the lady at Rosa's) that children who know their authority will be well behaved and will trust the authority that the Lord has placed over them.